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The 10-hour loop of Tom Delonge’s verse from “I Miss You” is hypnotic, nasally

Delonge (center)

It’s been a banner year for former Blink-182 member Tom Delonge. Since the start of 2015 Delonge has been grabbing headlines left and right, starting with him being kicked out of Blink-182, then detailing his run-ins with extraterrestrials, following that up by announcing a solo record full of b-sides and demos, and now he’s seen his verse in Blink’s “I Miss You” stretched to ridiculous lengths. It all started—as so many things often do—on Twitter, when comedian and Nathan For You star Nathan Fielder tweeted the following:


Fielder’s plea was answered when Twitter user @JonHerroon stepped up to the plate, making a 10-hour loop of Delonge’s verse-and-chorus that’s as hypnotic as it is nasally. It’s a loop befitting of Delonge’s grandeur of a man who once claimed his band Angels & Airwaves to be more important than the second-coming of Christ, making the lip-ringed singer’s voice the only one inside our head for the next 10 hours.

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