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That young lad Snoop Dogg, he’s got a real future in NBA color commentary

Photo: Steve Granitz / Contributor (Getty Images)

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the San Antonio Spurs by a score of 103-96, but you know what? Everyone won, because some new kid got his first shot at NBA color commentary, and he might just have a future in this business!


That young Lakers fan acquitted himself well at the Spectrum SportsNet table, conveying his obvious enthusiasm for the team without letting it cloud his judgment or color his assessments of the plays. That first clip is decent—he’s at least operating at a Reggie Miller level, though admittedly that’s damning with faint praise—but it’s the second that really shows his promise.

Few sportscasters ever get their “Do you believe in miracles?” moment. This is not that, but “We call that cake mix” is better than most.

Still, this promising sports analyst isn’t on the job yet—don’t work for free, sir! Not in this landscape!—so at a certain point he excuses himself and heads back to his seat.


Last week C.J. McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers had a little cameo on Stumptown. Perhaps Snoop could go on C.J.’s podcast and the two could discuss their respective side-hustles?


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