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That World Of Warcraft movie has a director

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After wresting the script back from Sam Raimi last summer, Legendary Pictures has finally found a director to make the World Of Warcraft movie that’s been secretly running in the background for years while it pretended to work on other stuff. It’s Duncan Jones, the Moon director who, with an estimated $100 million budget, would be making his own leap into a much larger realm, one in which the total franchise n00b will have to wrangle everything from dragons to zombies to spaceships, depending on how Charles Leavitt’s screenplay plans on reducing the role-playing game’s sprawling universe into one linear narrative. Still, Jones’ recent work on Source Code makes him seem particularly well-suited to a game in which dudes who have no lives of their own become heroes by assuming the identities of others, then doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again while having awkward flirtations with whatever girl they can find. Also, strategy.


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