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That was quick: Modders have already made the Resident Evil 3 remake's Nemesis into a sexy monster

Illustration for article titled That was quick: Modders have already made the iResident Evil 3/i remakes Nemesis into a sexy monster
Screenshot: Marcos RC (YouTube)

The Resident Evil 3 remake doesn’t come out until Friday, and yet, somehow, there’s already a modification available that turns its towering murder-monster Nemesis into a sexy, thong-wearing biofreak. Does this set some kind of record for unorthodox internet horniness? We can’t say for sure, knowing that there are terrifying depths to the online world that we can never hope to fully uncover. What we can claim with certainty, though, is that anyone who’s ever found themselves daydreaming about what a half-blind Frankenstein’s monster with advanced gum recession looks like nearly naked is now very much in luck.

Courtesy of Marcos RC, the exceptionally named “Nemesis Beachboy” mod exists to serve the specific needs of anyone looking to play the remade Resident Evil 3 while being hunted down by a bloodthirsty hunk of muscly zombie meat wearing nothing but a black leather speedo. Marcos RC released the mod on his Patreon, crediting someone with the handle MisterHecks for providing the “3D body base” that allows pseudo-necrophiliacs to enjoy the sight of a giant corpse walking around wearing nothing but an Umbrella Corporation-branded dick covering and ... well, not a smile, exactly, but a skeletal grimace that might be trying to communicate joy.


Marcos’ Patreon says he does “not work creating 3D Rendering Arts or mods with adult content +18,” so the Nemesis Beachboy mod will, for now at least, remain at least a little bit coy. In the weeks and months following Resident Evil 3's release, though, we expect the decaying, purplish full Monty to make itself available. The series’ fans, as shown by the many mods created to replace Resident Evil 2's Mr. X, seem to be incredibly devoted to the good work of turning mindless creatures into strange new forms. In light of this, it’s really a question more of “when” than “if” a mod will take things to the next level, stripping off Nemesis’ thong so the world can at last see his weird mutant hog flap around while he charges through Raccoon City’s crumbling streets.

[via Dread XP]

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