Photo: A24

Just last night we wondered what exactly was going on with Slice, the pizza-horror-comedy starring Zazie Beetz, Chance The Rapper, Hannibal Buress, and Paul Scheer. After a couple years of build-up, A24 announced a week ago that the movie would be getting a one-night-only release in theaters—last night—with no other information to follow. Now we know why: A few hours later, the movie became available to stream on video-on-demand platforms. You can watch it right now!

Should you? Our review’s incoming. Signs weren’t exactly great, though: A24 typically releases its arty genre pics months in advance, creating great freight trains of horror hype for films like The Witch, It Comes At Night, and Hereditary. Slice is helmed by first-time feature director Austin Vesley, so there’s not much of a track record to go off, but the fact that it wasn’t screened for critics isn’t exactly the best indicator.


Anyway, we did have a critic in attendance last night, so expect a review soon. Or, you know, watch the movie yourself, since that’s a thing you can do without leaving your computer.