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That Thing You Do!’s The Wonders reunited onstage at the Roxy last night

Ethan Embry on Twitter: "When we reunion, we reunion hard." Photo: Twitter

The crowd at the Roxy in L.A. received an unexpected bonus last night when That Thing You Do! movie band The Wonders (a.k.a. Oneders)—Tom Everett Scott (drummer Shades), Johnathon Schaech (singer Jimmy), and bass player Ethan Embry (The Bass Player)—reunited onstage to perform their singular, eponymous hit. Josh Adam Meyers facilitated the reunion for The Goddamn Comedy Jam; EW reports that Everett Scott teased the event out on Twitter “with a link pointing to The Goddamn Comedy Jam with Bill Burr: ‘Tonight at the Roxy there might be a little surprise for TTYD.’”


Steve Zahn, who played guitarist Lenny, was unfortunately MIA, but the rest of The Wonders gleefully took the stage along with a stand-in player wearing a Zahn mask. Even though Embry told EW recently that he was forever sick of “That Thing You Do!”—saying, “I hate that song. I remember it reached that point of, like, ‘I can’t play this song one more time’”—he seemed to be having the best time on the stage playing that particular cinematic earworm. Can a reunion tour be far behind? Granted, they’d have to learn a few more songs.

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