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That teary British Christmas ad gets a bit of Star Wars flair in new mashup

Two things are hurtling towards people faster than an old smuggler’s ship going into hyperdrive—the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and holiday advertising. Well, one of those has already arrived. The annual John Lewis holiday ad for the U.K. department-store chain debuted recently and brought with it some tears and some quaint coos at how cute it is.

But the internet, never one to let a cute thing go unmolested, has intervened to recreate the ad in the image of that other tremendous December event. This mashup by comedy website The Poke inserts Darth Vader into the role of the man on the moon (requisite “that’s no moon…”), and the results are pretty funny and beautifully dark. Enjoy this new assault on Christmas—many Bothans died to bring you this post.

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