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That Sleeping Beauty proposal was 6 months in the making

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Screenshot: Lee Loechler (YouTube)

Valentine’s Day approaches, and some of you besotted types may already be planning your February 14 proposal at your favorite restaurant, perhaps with a string quartet in tow. Well, the bad news is that your proposal, no matter how romantic, has already been trumped by filmmaker Lee Loechler, known on Twitter as @YoursTrueLee. In case you haven’t seen it, Loechler brilliantly inserted himself and his intended, cardiologist Sthuthi David, into a viewing of Sleeping Beauty to set up his wedding proposal. He even stacked the theater with friends and family, who hid in the back rows.

After Prince Charming kisses Sleeping Beauty onscreen, the Disney pair morphs into Loechler and David; the prince even “tosses” the engagement ring off the screen for the real-life all-important question.


You would guess that this was not the easiest trick to pull off, and you’d be right. As it turns out, this particular romantic gesture was six months in the making. Illustrator Kayla Coombs tweeted that she worked with Loechler all those months to make his proposal to his high school sweetheart one for the books. He also obviously had details to work out with the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Massachusetts, where the event took place on December 30.

Since then, the proposal video has unsurprisingly gone viral (the fourth-wall-breaking is top-notch), with luminaries like Mark Hamill dubbing it an “epic proposal.”


People aiming to get engaged in 2020: The bar has been raised. Godspeed.

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