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Having seen the best minds of its generation destroyed by madness, a starving hysterical naked Ally Sheedy and the robot that wanted to get it on with her, Dimension is continuing with its plans to remake Short Circuit by deleting the PG smut that directly led to our current unhealthy relationships with machines, and reprogramming it as an even more sanitized movie about a lovable robot who meets a family and probably accidentally breaks a lot of things. To that end it hired Alvin And The Chipmunks director Tim Hill, and now Hill has recruited novice scribe Matt Lieberman—a graduate of the “Disney writers program” or, to put it in less lofty terms, a slideshow of theme park attractions and Johnny Depp’s face.

In announcing Lieberman’s hiring, Dimension’s Bob Weinstein compared his plans for Short Circuit to the way they exhausted Spy Kids, saying, “We are looking for Short Circuit to be our next family franchise.” Unfortunately, as Deadline reports, “details of the new version are being kept secret,” leaving it up to your imagination to envision all the ways in which a CGI robot will initially create havoc for an ordinarily family that eventually grows to love him, briefly be waylaid by the shadowy military men on his trail, then triumphantly return to sing and dance to a popular old-school rap song before the end credits.


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