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That Sandlot sequel series is coming to Disney+

The Sandlot star Patrick Renna
Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea (Getty Images)

We’ve known for a while now that David Mickey Evans’ The Sandlot—a veritable timebomb of easily exploited nostalgia lodged in the hearts of baseball-loving former pre-teens everywhere—would soon be making its way back to TV. Evans—who wrote and directed the 1993 slice of summery shit-talking, s’mores-making fun—has been talking up the project for years, revealing that he’d already arranged to bring back most of the film’s cast for a sequel project, focused on the kids of the original Sandlot team. Now, THR reports that not only is Evans’ show moving forward, but that it’ll be a part of the Disney+ library of shows.

This is, of course, all one of who-knows-how-many knock-on effects of the big Fox-Disney merger that finalized earlier this year; The Sandlot was distributed by 20th Century Fox, which means it’s now just another content node in the great Mickey Mouse hivemind. (Meanwhile, this TV continuation shouldn’t be confused with the Sandlot prequel movie also currently in development, because people just cannot get enough of the fucking Sandlot, it seems.)


Disney+ is set to debut some time this fall; it’s not clear yet if Evans’ show will be part of the launch line-up.

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