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That RoboCop remake is now in the hands of Gran Torino writer

MGM’s remake of RoboCop is still in the messy, trial-and-error, pull-your-own-shrieking-head-off phase of development, apparently, with the screenplay now passing to the hands of new writer Nick Schenk. At last report, the project had been attached to Black List favorite (but still relatively unproven) scribe Joshua Zetumer, and it’s unclear whether Schenk has been brought on board to build from scratch or graft shiny new parts onto an existing skeleton. RoboCop metaphors! What is clear is that Schenk has been brought in because of his relationship with director Jose Padilha (Elite Squad), with whom he recently worked on the thriller Tri-Border. Prior to that, of course, Schenk is best known for writing the Clint Eastwood drama Gran Torino, so he has previous experience with dystopic urban visions and combining rapidly decaying flesh with machinery. RoboCop metaphors that are also jokes about Clint Eastwood’s age! If nothing else, this project has given us that. [via THR]


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