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That reboot of The Osbournes went off the rails, on a crazy train

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Toward the end of last year, we reported that the Osbournes—America’s fourth-favorite family of rock stars and their offspring, after the families of the Better Than Ezra guys—would be returning for a new iteration of their reality TV show. Matriarch Sharon Osbourne recently took time out of her busy schedule of being mad at U2 and hosting The Talk to announce a new series of “six to eight episodes” to be aired on an unknown network. Now, it looks like that network was VH1, and that VH1 said, “No, thanks.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, the planned reality show is no longer moving forward.


No reason was given for the cancellation, although it may have something to do with a lawsuit filed by JOKS, the production company of the original MTV series (of which Jack Osbourne is a member) against Schweet Entertainment, which Jack Osbourne co-owns and is a name for a business thought up by adults. It claims Schweet demands a 55 percent interest in any new episodes of the show, whereas JOKS says it has sole interest to any new show. To clarify, this means that JOKS is thereby claiming Schweet is all up on it, or “riding” it, in legal parlance. Schweet, in contrast, will likely refer to the famous MTV sports case, Rock v. Jock, for tips on how to defeat the claims. None of which changes the fact that this leaves Kelly Osbourne unemployed for the time being.

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