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That raunchy scene from Sunday’s Girls premiere got a new Peter Pan soundtrack

Illustration for article titled That raunchy scene from Sunday’s iGirls/i premiere got a new iPeter Pan/i soundtrack

Look, there are very few civilized ways to discuss this. While the season four premiere of Girls had lots of impactful and insightful moments for the main characters, the Internet was clearly more abuzz about one particular scene involving Marnie (played by Allison Williams) receiving oral pleasure, er, “in her bottom” from her lover. It was a pretty bold and surprisingly graphic (if also human) scene from a show known for such moments. Of course, such a display of naked vulnerability and shock must soon be digested and mocked by the Internet, or else the whole system fails. The enterprising lot over at Gawker took that scene and replaced the audio with Williams’ version of “I’ve Gotta Crow” from NBC’s Peter Pan Live! so at the moment of climax, Marnie instead finds her ability to crow. While getting her ass eaten out.

The video isn’t embeddable and is certainly not safe for work, but it can be found here for all who are interested. And for some very specific fetishists out there, this is perhaps the greatest day of their lives.

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