Lovelace continues its bid to be the “prestige” biopic of troubled porn star Linda Lovelace by recruiting a cast that producers hope will help make it the A Bug’s Life to the Antz that is its competitor Inferno, if A Bug’s Life and Antz were not movies about adorable insect colonies but rather women being forced to give blowjobs at gunpoint. And while Inferno will likely never escape those early Lindsay Lohan associations, even if it promises to fulfill the cinema’s annual quota of Malin Akerman going topless, Lovelace only continues to grow, with Deadline now reporting that Demi Moore will play feminist icon Gloria Steinem, once again fighting for the dignity and values of women everywhere. Indeed, who better than the star of G.I. Jane and the proudly defiant @mrskutcher feed to play one of the most outspoken women’s advocates of all time, especially if she puts on some glasses?

Anyway, Moore joins a cast that includes the previously announced Amanda Seyfried as Lovelace and Peter Sarsgaard as her husband/captor Chuck Traynor, Sharon Stone as Lovelace’s mother and Robert Patrick as her father, Juno Temple as her best friend, Wes Bentley as her second husband, Hank Azaria as Deep Throat director Jerry Damiano and Bobby Canavale and Chris Noth as the film’s producers, and James Franco as James Franco’s exploration of Hugh Hefner as an embodiment of the Hugh Hefner archetype. And in additional casting news that seems like a mix-up but somehow is not, erstwhile O.C. geek Adam Brody will play porn star Harry Reems, while Eric Roberts will play a “lie detector expert”—a cameo that exists presumably just to satisfy the "Star 80 fanboy" crowd.