As we previously reported, Warner Bros.’ safari through the vine-strewn franchises of yore most recently ended with the discovery of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ primitive king of the jungle whom studio imperialists are hoping to reintroduce to modern society by decking him out in contemporary, most likely 3-D finery. Apparently Warner Bros.’ plan is still in flux as it decides whether to develop a script from up-and-coming writer Adam Cozad or Hustle And Flow’s Craig Brewer, although going by this Deadline report, it seems like Brewer is definitely the man to beat. After all, he’s created not just a new Tarzan film but a whole new Tarzan trilogy, one that would spread the story over three separate films—already gilding the lily by delivering a reboot of an established property as a readymade franchise. There’s still no word on what Brewer’s take is, or why it’s a “saga” that would require three different movies to tell it, but we’re going to go ahead and guess it involves monkeys.