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That mystery reunion Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been teasing for weeks is actually just some artisanal booze

Photo: AMC

Over the last few weeks, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul have been teasing a mysterious project that reunites the Breaking Bad co-stars. Given what we know, it was reasonable to assume that this project—which the duo teased in a series of social media posts and photos—would be none other than the forthcoming Breaking Bad movie. Directed by series creator Vince Gilligan, that movie is said to center on Paul’s Jesse Pinkman, and may or may not (but probably totally does) co-star Cranston in some capacity. Today, Cranston and Paul delivered on the promise of their new collaboration by unveiling what is easily the most unholy of sick burns—the kind of thing that YouTube reaction videos were made for:


Surprise, it’s an artisanal Mezcal. See, it’s funny because you thought you were getting a trailer for that Breaking Bad movie, which is totally reasonable since it shot last year and is presumably finished already. But instead you get what is probably an overpriced “artisanal” booze product, the love child of these two buds, or “Dos Hombres,” if you will. Psych! Those two guys done gone and fooled ya real good. Breaking Bad? More like breaking your dignity, dummies. You know, artisanal Mezcal is great for sterilizing mega-sick-burns.

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