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That live-action Akira everyone hates is still happening, apparently

Looks like Warner Bros. has finally learned to be appropriately ashamed of its live-action Akira remake. The production, as you might recall, was originally intended to be a $200 million blockbuster, then—after being rejected by Brad Pitt, James Franco, Mila Kunis, Keanu Reeves, director Albert Hughes, and the Internet as manifested into a ball of pure, red-faced energy—it was quietly downgraded to a regular old $90 million movie, before seemingly being put out of its misery in 2012. But according to an aside in a Deadline story about another film entirely, the project isn’t dead at all. It’s simply been put in cryonic storage while new screenwriter Dante Harper, approximately the sixth to be attached to the project, takes another crack at it. So if anyone out there has been plagued by mysterious, grotesque visions of late, congratulations: You’re starring in the new Garrett Hedlund movie.


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