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That Lego Movie sequel has a release date

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Everything is indeed awesome for Warner Bros., which has set an official release date for that previously announced Lego Movie sequel. According to Box Office Mojo (via Collider), 2 Fast 2 Lego—not its actual title, but Warner Bros. is welcome to it—will hit theaters on May 26, 2017. It’s still unclear whether the first film’s writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will return for the sequel, but as of now Mr. Popper’s Penguins’ Jared Stern is currently working on the follow-up script.


The Legos 2: Cruise Control (again, not actual title) will have a lot to live up to. The first Lego Movie opened to $69 million, and after just two weeks it’s grossed $202 million worldwide. Additionally, it received glowing reviews, inspired an adorable new Tegan And Sara song, and gave the world the first (brief) big-screen teaming of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Expectations will be high, but thankfully the creative team has several years to get Legos 2: Electric Boogaloo just right.

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