Earlier this week the Internet became, let's say, excited over the news that a biopic of Jimi Hendrix starring André 3000 was finally, really moving forward after endless delays. And so, right on cue, here is yet another report of the project choking on its own vomit, so to speak: The Hendrix Estate, a longtime stumbling block to getting the film made, has issued a statement officially decrying the project, reiterating its oft-repeated position that it simply can't support any Jimi Hendrix movie being made without the estate being involved in its conception—and, obviously to a much lesser extent, of course, without the estate getting the money to use Hendrix's music. So that means that, even though filming is currently already underway in Ireland, and it is actually happening, they're not going to have any Jimi Hendrix songs in their Jimi Hendrix movie. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, the Showtime movie Hendrix dealt with this same problem by just using cover versions—which, actually, probably explains why they hired André 3000 in the first place.