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That Jesus Christ Superstar arena tour has been canceled

The Johnny Rotten-starring arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar has been abruptly canceled. Speculation has run rampant about why (Was ’N Sync’s JC Chasez being too much of a diva? Could Incubus’ Brandon Boyd not hit the notes?), but in reality, it’s because the tour couldn’t interest enough people in seeing old rockers perform an old play about an old book. Michael Cohl, the production’s promoter, tell the New York Times that Jesus’ team “tried until the last moment to give it every chance to turn around,” but that they “didn’t want the cast to endure playing to disappointing audiences.”

The tour was scheduled to hit 50 different arenas in North America this summer, starting June 9 in New Orleans. British actor Billy Forster had won the right to play Jesus on an ITV reality show.

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