Lionsgate is apparently going ahead with its planned Hunger Games theme park, despite the idea being totally macabre and wholly antithetical to the whole idea behind the books. The studio is planning on using a travelling exhibition of the movie’s costumes and props to generate revenue for said theme park, even using Thinkwell Group, a theme park creator, to curate the whole thing. The Hunger Games: The Exhibition will debut in the U.S. next summer and is Lionsgate’s latest movie into “spearheading an initiative for line extensions” of the film and book saga’s brand. Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer says the company is also eyeing other “location-based entertainment opportunities” should the whole theme park thing not work out, meaning it’s entirely possible that the company could be developing some man-made island out in the Persian Gulf where rich, competitive, Jennifer Lawrence-obsessed teenagers will soon be able to fight to the death.