Canadian production company Six Eleven Entertainment has begun work on a TV adaptation of viral hit “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger," the mock nature documentary that briefly enchanted the Internet until the meme was fully exhausted, and everyone moved on to making “Shit Girls Say” knockoffs. The original video, created by Christopher Gordon, has already spawned a book and two iPhone apps featuring Gordon’s flamboyant, excitable “Randall” as he narrates the cutthroat and often gross world of the animal kingdom. And according to The Hollywood Reporter, now "Randall" will become an animated character in Six Eleven’s Honey Badger U, a show about a life sciences professor who forms an “unusual bond” with his students, fellow teachers, and the school’s mascot ,“Honey, a nastyass honey badger.” According to its producers, they were already working on that exact premise when the “Honey Badger” video first started showing up all over your Facebook feed, and thus “it seemed natural to merge the two concepts.” Because what could be more natural than jettisoning your original idea to capitalize on a fad so past the point of over-saturation, it’s already starred in one of those Wonderful Pistachios commercials? Honey badger don’t give a shit about the Internet’s fickle attentions.