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That Hangover Part II tattoo lawsuit is finally over

The copyright infringement lawsuit that briefly threatened to hold The Hangover Part II hostage and ruin the summers of several visual effects artists has been settled amicably, according to The Hollywood Reporter, who says that Ed Helms’ inked-on homage to Mike Tyson will be allowed to remain untouched both in theaters and on the eventual DVD. Terms of the agreement were not released, of course, because it would be uncouth to end a lawsuit based on loudly argued principles by saying, “And then they gave us a lot of money and it was like, What principles? Know what I’m saying? Now get in line for Mini Coopers, because I’m buying!” But let’s just assume that Tyson’s tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill feels vindicated now, and that everyone will be a lot more careful in the future when copying famous tattoos.


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