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That Dog's Three's Company-perverting new video stars Jack Black and Maya Rudolph

Photo: Funny Or Die

That Dog’s Old LP, the cult alt-rock outfit’s first new album in 22 years, drops this Friday, and to celebrate the band’s recruited a few of its famous friends to star in a music video for new single “Just The Way.” Maya Rudolph, who guests on the album, and Jack Black, no slouch of a musician himself, play bizarro versions of Three’s Company’s Stanley and Helen Roper—named, naturally, the Gropers—in the Funny Or Die-produced clip, which offers up a violent, sexually-charged alternative to the bygone sitcom that ends with no shortage of bloodshed. Behind the camera is Casey Storm, who cut his teeth as a costume designer on Spike Jonze productions like Being John Malkovich, Where The Wild Things Are, and even Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” video.

It’s all a fitting, if deranged, accompaniment to the pummeling track, which serves, along with lead single “If You Just Didn’t Do It,” as yet another example of the band’s talent for muscular alt-rock layered with orchestral flourishes and rich, inspired harmonies.


Give it a watch below.

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