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In a rare move, AMPAS has revoked the Best Original Song Oscar nomination for "Alone Yet Not Alone," the song that nobody had ever heard of from the movie that nobody had ever heard before the nominations were announced. What was the problem, you ask, besides the fact that "Alone Yet Not Alone" is a treacly song with a terrible title, no more deserving of an Oscar than the scat-singing you do in the shower every morning? Well, as basically everybody noted (including us) when researching the song, its composer, Bruce Broughton, is a former Academy governor and current member of its executive committee, so he might have had a teeny, tiny little advantage when e-mailing those people who might get a song nominated. (Publicists are allowed to lobby, but the Academy logically found one of its own doing it "an ethical breach.") No song will replace it, and presumably we won't get to scratch our heads while it's performed during the ceremony. There will be only four nominees: I'm guessing something animated, Randy Newman, Elton John, and Phil Collins? (Okay, it's actually vaguely hip this year: Pharrell Williams, Karen O and Spike Jonze, and U2 are all in contention.) [h/t to EW]


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