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Screenshot: Cool S Font

For too long, we’ve been held back by the boring-ass, sans serif fonts of the world. The font cognoscenti in their ivory towers have sneered at attempts to make fonts great again—since when was comic sans not a fun, inventive way to liven things up?—and so the time has come for the common man to reclaim fonts.

Well, the font game just changed.

Remember that sharp-edged, 3-D “S” you used to draw on notebooks throughout school? Well, now that shit is a whole goddamn alphabet.

Designed by artist Tom Goulet, the revolutionary font is delivered via an appropriately cool-as-shit dubstep video. “Make any word look cool,” it promises, before doing so to the logos for Friends, Subway, NASA, Amazon, and more. You can download the font from Goulet’s site to start making the world cooler and more pointy.


We know one champion for greatness who will be extremely into this development.

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