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That black-and-white version of Fury Road is coming, eventually

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When Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller casually mentioned that the “best version” of Fury Road is the one he edited in black and white, the internet got involved. Even though Miller said the black-and-white version, as well as a silent version featuring the film’s score but no dialogue, would be released as special features on the Fury Road Blu-ray, that didn’t initially happen. But in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Miller teased that fans will get their chance to see those alternate versions of the film…at some point in the unspecified future. In the interview, Miller made sure to remind us again, that this version of the film that we haven’t seen is indeed the best version of the film. He explained:

The best version of Fury Road was what we called a ‘slash dupe’: a cheap, black-and-white version of the movie for the composer. Something about it seemed more authentic and elemental. So I asked Eric Whipp, the [Fury Road] colorist, ‘can I see some scenes in black and white with quite a bit of contrast?’ They looked great. So I said to the guys at Warners, ‘can we put a black-and-white version on the DVD?’ There wasn’t enough room. [It’ll end up] on another version with commentary and other features.


So when are we going to get to see this incredible black-and-white version Miller can’t stop talking about?! He…didn’t say. But also, it isn’t really up to him. Hopefully Warner Bros. won’t be taking its sweet ol’ time with this new Blu-ray edition like Miller is taking with the sequels. The more we hear about this amazing, awesome, “best” version, the more we want it. Please don’t let this turn out to be like the green place. All we’ve got for now is this fan-made re-edit of the trailer:

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