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That Bad Santa sequel is still happening

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One of the centerpieces of Miramax's rebirth through literal reincarnation, Bad Santa 2 is still slowly making its way toward a bittersweet Christmas where we all reflect on the deaths of Bernie Mac and John Ritter as a marker of our own encroaching mortality. Appropriately, Deadline says that the project is now in the hands of writer-director Steve Pink, whose work on Hot Tub Time Machine established himself as a filmmaker familiar with black comedies whose humor is steeped in nostalgically pointing to things. Pink is reportedly in talks to both direct and rewrite the script from Johnny Rosenthal—whose story either won out in the studio's race between two competing Bad Santa 2 screenplays, or it simply availed the most opportunities for Billy Bob Thornton to pour forth his innate repugnance for humanity at its most ignorant, perhaps by just having the stage direction "Billy Bob is forced to listen to someone else talking," followed by vast blocks of white space.

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