Adam Sandler's latest Razzie bait is getting a new title. The film originally called Blended is now being called The Familymoon. The movie was called Blended as it concerns a couple who, after a terrible first date, are stuck together at a resort with their children from previous marriages. Because for Adam Sandler, who gets to go on vacation with his buddies, hire a camera crew to hang around, and call it a $100-million movie, a bad day involves going on vacation to an expensive resort, but with a bunch of actual kids instead of a bunch of overgrown kids.

The Familymoon again pairs him with The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates co-star Drew Barrymore in order to further explore one of Sandler's favorite cinematic themes: diminishing returns. Presumably, Sandler and Barrymore will despise each other, wade through an hour of poop jokes, then fall madly in love.


Blended is, at least, an actual word in the English language. Familymoon merely leads to high but unrealized hopes that the movie concerns a family that lives on the moon. The A.V. Club reports this title change not as entertainment news, but as a public service, the same way your local TV station will interrupt programming to let you know a tornado is heading your way. The Familymoon will hit theaters May 23 of next year. Please take shelter and make sure that your loved ones are safe.