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That $800 million Led Zeppelin reunion turned out to be a hoax

Robert Plant on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Kimmel

The British tabloid press has once again proven itself to be both ethical and professional as both Robert Plant and Richard Branson have come forward to say that that $800 million Led Zeppelin reunion we reported on Monday not only isn’t happening, it wasn’t in the works to begin with.

Plant says that report, which originated in The Daily Mirror, was just squeezing fans’ lemons by saying that he had been offered just over $300 million to play in a three-city, 35-date reunion tour. A statement from Plant’s spokesman quoted in The Associated Press says the singer “has not been in receipt of any offers in recent months” and has not been in communication with Branson in 50 years, presumably after things got weird in a Bangkok hotel room.


The two are apparently back in touch, however, as Branson corroborates Plant’s story in a post on his blog. Saying he was “dazed and confused” by the claims, Branson says he spoke with Plant about the story and both agree it is “complete rubbish.” Branson says, “Making up this story is very disrespectful to how wonderful [Plant’s] solo career with the Sensational Space Shifters is going…Fellow band members Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones also have many exciting projects in the works and should be respected in their own right. ” An earlier draft saying Branson doesn’t have a “whole lotta love” for The Daily Mirror and its staff better “ramble on” back to journalism school was presumably abandoned.

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