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Illustration for article titled emThat 70s Show/ems Danny Masterson prepping Comedy Central pilot

Forsaken That ‘70s Show star Danny Masterson has landed a pilot deal at Comedy Central for Playing With Guns, and while compared to the accomplishments of his fellow That ’70s Show alumni, it’s not a major role in an Oscar-nominated best picture or a career as the romantic-comedy genre’s most faithful Labrador Retriever, it definitely beats trying to revive CHiPs. As it turns out Playing With Guns has also become something of a labor of love for Masterson, as the show was originally intended for Spike TV, but the network passed last year. It’s currently being reworked with Ethan Suplee taking over the role of Masterson’s fellow slacker best friend, as the two of them become cops in their suburban hometown and try to “get the most out of their badges while doing the least amount of police work possible.” (As with Suplee’s last series role on My Name Is Earl, you can probably expect a whole lot of Scientologist cameos; they tend to do solids for each other.)


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