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That 21 Jump Street / Men In Black crossover has a title

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Like a kid whose idea for a tree house is ignored by friends and who then doubles down to make the most insane tree house ever and really show those pricks, Sony seems to be plunging ahead with the 21 Jump Street/Men In Black mashup movie no matter how confused people are about why this needs to be a thing.


And to reinforce that Sony has no interest at all in your blank stares and is just going to make the damn thing and then you’ll see, according to /Film, the studio revealed at CinemaCon that the title of the movie is none other than MIB 23. Even though this title sounds more like the 23rd entry in the Men In Black franchise, it does aptly convey the meeting of two comedy film franchises, no matter how much fans of both series are looking at their phones and not really listening right now.

The film, directed by James Bobin (Flight Of The Concords, The Muppets), will star Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, but not Tommy Lee Jones or Will Smith. That makes the MIB tag seem just slightly disingenuous even though, yes, there is an entire MIB organization Sony can use as inspiration for this tree house it keeps going on about. At this point, the studio has not officially greenlit the movie, but with an official title (and a logo) in hand, it won’t be long until Sony proclaims that the project you didn’t believe in is officially done and getting decent buzz.

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