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Thao Nguyen doesn’t care about the critics and made a video to prove it

To publicize her band’s latest album, We The Common, Thao Nguyen of Thao & The Get Down Stay Down has debuted a fun new video that features Nguyen telling her friends she doesn’t care about what critics think and shaking down a 12-year-old who made a negative comment about her album on the Internet.

Thao and her band will release We The Common, their third full-length album, on February 5 and have been preparing for the event by releasing a series of short films directed by both Thao and Lauren Tabak. The video that addresses the haters is called “The Art Of My Loins,” and is the second in the series called Behind The Making Of The Making Of How It Was Made. The first video in the series, “The Hand Of God,” is available on the band’s website.


Listen to the group’s new album here.

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