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Thanks to deepfakes, we now have the technology to combine The Matrix with Office Space

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There’s a lot of nefarious potential inherent to deep fake technology. And yet, despite having the ability to easily alter videos to make it look like people said and did things that never happened, the internet has mostly used its powers for good. Instead of urging on international crises, people put Planet Of The Apes faces all over stuff. Instead of undermining political campaigns, the internet has been content to edit the Full House intro so the Tanner family are all Nick Offerman.


Thankfully, as a video mashing up Office Space with The Matrix demonstrates, this gloriously stupid, wonderfully benign trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Neo Takes The Blue Pill is yet another creation of Ctrl Shift Face, the channel responsible for other solid deepfakes like the ones where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Willem Dafoe replace Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men. This Matrix-set work provides a bit more narrative context than usual, beginning with Keanu Reeves’ Neo taking the blue pill instead of the red one that brings him closer to the sci-fi universe’s reality-breaking truths.


His actual body still gently slumbering in one of the movie’s goopy cocoons, Neo continues to live a pedestrian life as Ron Livingston in Office Space... but with a Keanu face slapped over the original actor’s. Neo drives to work in a traffic jam (now with an extremely cool techno soundtrack accompanying the scene), sits down at his cubicle, and talks to a Hugo Weaving-faced Bill Lumbergh through a voiceover provided by a guy doing a Keanu impression.

With such a fresh, exciting new spin on these familiar movies, we probably don’t even the need the upcoming Matrix 4 anymore. Or, if it’s going to happen anyway, at least give Keanu Reeves a break and sub in Ron Livingston in a trench-coat for the slow-mo gun-fu. It only seems fair.


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