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In anticipation of this week’s premiere of Men In Black: International, YouTube’s Mr. Sunday Movies decided to revisit perhaps the least-remembered chapter of the decades-old franchise—Men In Black: The Animated Series. Despite this video being the latest installment of their continuing “Caravan Of Garbage” series—one that often looks at pop culture misfires and critical failures—the hosts find pretty quickly that the animated MIB was, actually, pretty good.

Produced by Adelaide Productions Inc. (Godzilla: The Series, Extreme Ghostbusters) for the Kids’ WB programming block, Men In Black: The Animated Series followed the continuing adventures of Agent J and Agent K from the film franchise as they attempted to save the planet from weekly intergalactic threats across four 13-episode seasons. More than that, however, the series continued to flesh out the world of Men In Black and fill in some of the gaps the later movie sequels opted to breeze past.


The attention to continuity and backstory combined with a surprisingly stacked voice cast—Billy West and Charles Napier both played roles—helped MIB: The Animated Series stand out from a crowded field of late-90s Saturday morning cartoons. Now, if only we could revisit the whole series through some sort of purchasable digital disc or streaming platform...

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