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Thank Jeebus, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are back

For those going through serious co-op withdrawal or, worse yet, having to deal with real-life loved ones, there’s some good news: Sony and Xbox have restored their online services following the devastating hack on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Services are slowly coming back for all of Microsoft and Sony’s gaming consoles after the attack, which began on Christmas day and was carried out by a hacker group that calls itself “Lizard Squad,” because “Zero Cool” was already taken. The group has released a list of sometimes bizarre reasons for the attack, ranging from “because [we] can” to something about the spirit of Christmas is family and not material goods. Meanwhile, the two mega-companies have been working to bring back online play for a combined total of more than 158 million subscribers, who will soon be able to go about their business of coordinating various raids, assaults, and of course deplorable etiquette towards strangers on the Internet.


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