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Thandie Newton will also be a robot or get killed by a robot in Westworld

At this point, so many people have been cast in HBO’s Westworld remake that it’s worth considering the possibility that everyone on the planet will soon be a part of it as well. It’s the story of a theme park full of cowboy robots that turn evil, but the robots are so advanced that they look just like real people. Who can say that’s not true of all of us? Are we just cowboy robots who think they’re people?

While you’re chewing on that terrifying glimpse into the future of humanity, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Thandie Newton, star of Direct TV’s Rogue, has also joined Westworld. She’ll reportedly be playing Maeve Millay, “the Westworld madame whose seen-it-all-before worldview is about to be truly challenged.” Now, that description makes it pretty clear that she’s a robot, because a human probably wouldn’t be a “Westworld madame” named Maeve Millay, and the thing that’s going to challenge her worldview will probably be Ed Harris or whoever going on an anti-human rampage. Millay also happens to be “a beautiful and razor-sharp woman with a genius for reading people and a knack for survival,” so she might be able to hold her own against the evil robots. The humans will probably all get killed either way, though, so we don’t really care what the robots do.


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