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TGI Fridays to make flair cool again with hip makeover

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Hey there, millennials! Do you like endless apps (appetizers), waiters and waitresses with goofy pins and buttons, and walls covered in road signs, movie posters, and jerseys for local sports teams? Of course not. That’s the kind of tacky garbage that Generation X-ers like, not awesome millennials. Well, TGI Fridays—once the tackiest of the tacky garbage restaurants—is getting a radical new makeover, and it’s all going to be tailored to suit the appetites (pun intended) of young people.

This comes from Buzzfeed, which reports that a TGI Fridays in Texas has been completely renovated to give it a “brighter and more vibrant contemporary design” that includes “flexible areas” where patrons can manspread, Netflix and chill, or do whatever other things young people like to do when they want to chillax. In addition to the new layout, the restaurant also has an updated menu and a grab-and-go section featuring pre-packaged salads and bento boxes for customers whose unpaid internships don’t give them enough time to sit down and eat. The best part of the new menu, though, is the “Hangover Brunch” on Saturdays and Sundays, which includes “Bloody Marys, smoothies, ancho-coca chicken and waffles, and buckets of bacon.”


The new TGI Fridays also has a new name that better suits its hip, modern approach to serving food: Fridays. It’s clean, simple, and exciting, just like a bucket of bacon. The next redesigned Fridays is going to open in Forest Hills, New York, at some point this summer. (Please don’t bring any old people, though.)

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