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Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth suit up in the first Men In Black: International trailer

In the original Men In Black, Will Smith earned his spot in the secretive agency by proving Tommy Lee Jones that he was a cool, streetwise cop who could bring some new insights to the stuffy MIB. In this new reboot, F. Gary Gray’s Men In Black: International, Tessa Thompson inverts that setup by uncovering all of MIB’s secrets and casually flirting with Emma Thompson, thereby proving that she deserves to fight/protect aliens all on her own. It’s a nice twist on the old movies, and this trailer keeps the twists going by moving the action from New York to London and pairing Thompson’s rookie agent with a cool veteran (Chris Hemsworth) who—unlike Tommy Lee Jones—is kind of a lazy slacker. Throw in some neat gadgets and weird aliens, and this looks like an interesting reboot.

Also, there’s a gag where Hemsworth confidently throws a small hammer at someone, and it is very good. We would like all future movies that star one of the Avengers to include a similar gag, whether its Chris Evans tossing a trashcan lid, Robert Downey Jr. talking to a computer, or Scarlett Johansson flipping up onto someone’s shoulders and snapping their neck with her legs.


Men In Black: International will be in theaters next year.

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