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Illustration for article titled Terry Zwigoff to mount comeback with two new films, one of which stars Nicolas Cage

It's taken Terry Zwigoff seven years to fully recover from the debacle of Art School Confidential, a film he said "nearly ended my career." But now the Bad Santa and Ghost World director is ready to come roaring back with two new films in the works.

The first, at one point called Justice For Al (though that title seems to have been dropped), stars Portlandia's Fred Armisen as a man framed for a crime and sentenced to house arrest in his parents' home. He recruits his childhood friends to help him clear his name and enact revenge, reliving his early years in the process.

The second is Lost Melody, the story of a man in an unhappy marriage who falls for a prostitute. And to ensure the success of his comeback as a director, Zwigoff is in talks to recruit a lead actor who's never been associated with a sub-par cinematic effort, Nicolas Cage. Whether Zwigoff will get the subtle, nuanced Cage of Adaptation, or the unhinged, erratic Cage of Every Other Nicolas Cage Movie remains to be seen.


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