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It has now been 18 years since Terry Gilliam first tried to film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, a.k.a. The Movie That Will Probably Kill Terry Gilliam, Instead. In that time, Gilliam has faced a Job-like series of setbacks on the film, from flash floods to sick actors to dead actors to some “Portuguese chap” who couldn’t deliver the financing he supposedly promised. And yet, Gilliam has persisted on the film for almost two decades, blowing through our entire stock of jokes about “tilting at windmills” and the entire project becoming the exact definition of “quixotic.”

Today, IndieWire reports that Gilliam has hopped back in the saddle again, putting together an unnamed source and an Instagram post from original cast member Rossy De Palma that indicate that production has once again resumed:


By all accounts, the film still stars Adam Driver—the latest in a long line of hot young actors who’ve grown older and colder while waiting for Quixote to arrive—as a modern day advertising executive who somehow ends up embroiled in the world of Jonathan Pryce’s Quixote. (Olga Kurylenko and Stellan Skarsgård are also attached to star.) Meanwhile, God has yet to comment on what his next Wile E. Coyote-esque scheme to crush Gilliam’s dreams might be.

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