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Terry Crews turned down Expendables 4 after producer told him to drop assault allegations

Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images for BET)

Today, while speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee about sexual misconduct, Terry Crews revealed that he actually turned down an offer to be in a potential Expendables 4 when he realized doing so would mean turning his back on his crusade to fight against sexual harassment in Hollywood. Way back in October, Crews said that a Hollywood executive—later identified as Adam Venit from talent agency William Morris Endeavor—had grabbed his genitals while at a party once, and since then he has been making an effort to show just how far Hollywood’s culture of sexual misconduct has spread.

Crews tweeted earlier this year that Expendables producer Avi Lerner promised he could avoid “problems” on the next Expendables movie if he dropped the case, a thinly veiled threat that Crews attributed to the fact that Adam Venit works with Expendables lead Sylvester Stallone. Crews even told BuzzFeed shortly after posting his tweet that nobody from the Expendables team had bothered to reach out to him about Venit or Lerner—who, for the record, had been sued for sexual harassment last year.


In his testimony today, Crews said he chose not to sign on for future Expendables movies because of misconduct investigations into Lerner, explaining that “abusers protect abusers” and that he had to decide where he was going to draw the line. “Am I going to be a part of this or am I gonna take a stand,” he added, noting that there have been “projects”—plural—that he “had to turn down” as a result of his decision to stick to his morals.

[via Deadline]

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