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Terry Crews says he and Mike Judge are developing Idiocracy spin-off around President Camacho

Talk of some sort of Idiocracy follow-up has floated around pretty much ever since the movie hit theaters—talk that has only been negated by the fact that barely anyone actually went to those theaters and the film wasn't anywhere near profitable enough to merit expansion. In other words, shit's been all retarded, and everyone's shit's been emotional, but co-star Terry Crews has been trying for years to straighten it all out by publicly stumping for more Idiocracy. And according to a recent interview with Movieline, he may finally get it, sort of: Crews says that he and Mike Judge are currently in talks with Fox about "some Camacho stuff," and suggests that soon enough, fans could see the development of some sort of spinoff featuring his President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho—most imminently as a series of "small interstitials with Camacho" that will, fittingly, debut on the Internet, which has done all the work of keeping Idiocracy alive in the first place. No word on when exactly those will premiere or where, but Crews seems confident they will now that he has Fox's approval, which we'll go ahead and assume he got by flexing and screaming in the faces of Fox executives until they shut up and gave him what he wanted already.

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