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2018 has been something of an unlikely banner year for Terry Crews, as the recent drama surrounding NBC acquisition Brooklyn Nine-Nine—and his willingness to talk openly and in empathetic fashion about an incident of sexual harassment he experienced a few years back—have emphasized how refreshing it is to have an endlessly positive, smart, funny guy out there doing awesome things.

And in case you need a refresher on what some of those awesome things have been, Crews is here to help you with that, too, in the form of a career retrospective he recently filmed from GQ. Crews looks back on many of his most memorable roles, including his stint as a featured extra on Oscar-winner Training Day, his scene-stealing role in the Wayans’ White Chicks, and, of course, the ultimate in wrestling porn superstar political gods: Idiocracy’s President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.


Describing his time on the Mike Judge film, Crews talks about the the way he “lost” Terry Crews while playing the fan-favorite character, allowing the spirit of Brawndo to truly fill his heart. He also dishes on the film’s troubled release strategy, suggesting that all of the brands who gave Judge permission to use their name in his satire didn’t take kindly to being recreated as big-ass burrito-spewing handjob factories, and pressured Fox into cutting its release.

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