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Terry Crews leaves Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to focus on World’s Funniest Fails


It looks like Terry Crews no longer gives a damn about whether or not you’d like to be a millionaire, and he’s returning to his one, true love: Laughing at people who are not Terry Crews as they fail to accomplish things that Terry Crews could easily do. Or, to put it more clearly, he’s leaving his job as the host of Who Wants To be A Millionaire? so he can focus on his job as the host of World’s Funniest Fails on Fox. Crews started hosting Millionaire last year, after taking the job over from Cedric The Entertainer. The fact that you might not have known either of those things is a good indication of how much people care about Millionaire these days. By contrast, World’s Funniest Fails has been a football-in-the-groin-sized hit for Fox, so it’s not surprising that Crews—who also appears on the network’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine—is leaning in that direction.

Replacing Crews on the old money-filled desk at ABC is The Bachelor’s Chris Harrison, who will introduce an element of romance to the aging game show when he asks contestants to choose from two answers that have both somehow fallen in love with them over the course of a single episode. The winning answer then gets a televised wedding (and hush-hush divorce) while the losing answer gets to appear on the next episode of Millionaire. Or maybe the show will be exactly the same, but with a new guy asking the questions.


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