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Samantha Bee, Terry Crews
Screenshot: Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Explaining that even she needs to do better when addressing the issue of male sexual assault, Samantha Bee brought on a surprise guest to help out on last night’s Full Frontal. And, sure, Bee’s un-ironic #MenToo hashtag is meant more to redress the fact that she talks more about “lady stuff” than, say, making those gut-busting, high-fiving prison rape soap-dropping jokes that just kill with any group of half-bright male middle-schoolers. Oh, and as Bee’s clips show, with the likes of Bill Maher, everyone at Fox News, Steve Martin and Martin Short (c’mon, guys), and even Spongebob. But, since Bee also notes that one in 33 men in America will be the victim of actual sexual assault in their lives and that the actual act of rape isn’t fucking funny even when it happens in prison to people you don’t like, or when an underage boy is molested by his female teacher, she also felt that she needed some heavy-duty backup to make her point.

Enter Terry Crews. Sorry, “Terry-fucking-Crews,” as the actor, movie star, former football star, and all-around human joy dispenser put it as he introduced Full Frontal’s public service announcement on the subject. Crews has been vocal—and been the subject of plenty of jokes from insecure male hacks for being vocal—about himself being the victim of sexual assault (by talent agent Adam Venit). And while the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has told his story of being groped by an influential Hollywood figure with impressive dignity and seriousness throughout the last year, he brought his ebullient comic side to Bee’s PSA, cheerfully explaining that there are plenty of things (off-brand merch, two people inside a big trench coat, spit takes, cream pies full of bees in Bee’s face) a whole lot funnier than your “priest and altar boy” jokes. Addressing those who do think covering up their own inadequate masculinity with gay-panic prison shower gags are knee-slappers, the beaming Crews helpfully advised, “You’re a hack and everybody knows it.” And if there’s a catchphrase to add to Bee’s #MenToo, it should be Crews’ flip-switching furious question once one such bro-comic invaded the PSA with his “edgy” molestation joke: “Who the fuck let you in here, Chad!?”

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