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Terry Crews and Isla Fisher will also be on Arrested Development

It's been many tense hours since the last bit of Arrested Development casting news, no doubt leaving fans to wonder whether the always-dubious fourth season or they themselves had suddenly been blinked out of existence. But no, you are still tethered to this astral plane and Arrested Development's reunion is still happening, and it's still divulging many of its secrets well in advance, so take existential comfort in knowing that Isla Fisher and Carl Weathers School of Acting graduate Terry Crews have also been added to the cast. "Who will they play?" you ask, eager to have everything spoiled for you and also for some sort of shackle to reality. No word yet, though we'd guess "someone petite and pretty" and "someone large and intimidating." Guess which one is which! That should keep you busy until the next casting update.


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