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Terrence Howard: War Machine, no; Nelson Mandela, yes

Terrence Howard may have gotten dumped by the Iron Man franchise and replaced by his Crash co-star Don Cheadle, but Howard is getting the last thespian laugh: While Don "War Machine" Cheadle presumably gets to look forward to punching a bunch of shit in Iron Man 3, Howard gets to play motherfucking Nelson Mandela. (Should we make a "Peace Machine" joke? No, let's not.) According to Hollywood Reporter, Howard has been cast as the iconic South African leader in Winnie, a biopic about Mandela's former wife, who will be played by Jennifer Hudson. The film, directed by Academy Award-nominated Darrell Roodt, begins shooting in South Africa this month. It's hard to say yet if the project will be blatant Oscar bait along the lines of last year's Invictus—which starred Morgan Freeman as Mandela—but Winnie already has this going for it: It's a flimsy pretext to embed this extremely fucking excellent song in a Newswire post on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

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