You may not have known it, but Terminator 2 celebrated its 20th anniversary this weekend, and we have the chiptune band Rymdreglage (the creators behind the YouTube insta-classic “8-bit Trip”) to thank for bringing it to our attention. They produced a music video to their song “Anatoliy Shishkov” in honor of this landmark occasion, and it features band member Daniel Larsson’s interpretations of some of the movie’s best moments.

The video cuts between Larsson animating and the animated T2 clips, both of which are filmed in stop-motion. Larsson sits and draws each frame, and his rough drawings come to life. The animations look unpromising, but take on an impressive fluidity whenever characters start moving, in a way that’s reminiscent of the detached rotoscope style of Waking Life. It’s a juxtaposition that plays unpredictably well when the guns are a’blazing and the Terminators are a’morphing.