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Terence Winter may be addicted to writing movies about cocaine

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Daniel Zuchnik)

Cocaine is a hell of a drug, as a wise super freak once famously noted, and nobody seems to be as aware of that as screenwriter Terence Winter who—for the second time today—has signed on to write another movie about the white stuff. Winter previously worked on The Wolf Of Wall Street and Boardwalk Empire, and earlier today we reported that he would be polishing up the script for Universal’s Scarface remake. Now, according to Deadline, HBO has brought him on board to write and executive produce an original film about drug lord Griselda Blanco—a.k.a “The Cocaine Godmother.”

As Deadline explains it, Blanco “revolutionized the U.S. drug trade during the 1970s and ’80s,” and she’s reportedly the “most powerful female cartel member of all time,” though that seems like a tough thing to really measure. HBO’s movie doesn’t seem to have a title yet—we’d suggest something using “Blanco,” which has a nice double meaning—but we do know that it will star Jennifer Lopez as the Godmother herself.


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